Ferforge' Co. is specialist in producing decorative artwork wrought.

Iron (furniture, lighting, accessories also gates, Fences, handrail Balustrades and others.).
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Egypt Mercure Hotel – Alexandria
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Sheraton – Alexandria Egypt
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Ferforge' Co. is specialist in producing decorative artwork wrought
Iron (furniture, lighting also gates, Fences, handrail Balustrades and others.), all our collections are 100% hand made
Our company has been established at 1998

Our company has been established at 1998, more than 45 workers of most skilled Egyptians staff are operating our Iron, painting and finishing shops which are located at Alexandria Egypt.

The art of wrought iron is old as civilization itself.
Iron is from the earth’s own womb. The basic techniques and tools involved in hand crafting wrought iron have not changed much through the ages.
Iron possesses truly fascinating characteristics; the most impressive being wrought iron’s capability to be shaped, formed and bent in a myriad of ways when heated.

We begin by an Innovation idea. Make the proper design and discussion how we can manufacture it, what difficulties we will face. ----- Etc. A wrought iron piece starts with bars and sheets; the bars come in several widths and can be round, square and flat. The metal comes to life following each curve done by our very skilled staff while heating, hammering and bending.

Our unique hand made collection of wrought iron furniture and accessories are truly shown in each detail the everlasting beauty of wrought iron.

Special attention is given to the welding, Filling them smooth for an impeccable finishing look.

The hand painting and patina makes our collection really unique.
Ferforge' guarantee the hand painting and patina finish. Anti rust procurement protect and prevent our production, Zinc bases paint and patina which are special for iron furniture is being used. .

We are constantly creating new designs expanding our already extensive collection. Also we are executing any other designs upon customer request.

The art of wrought iron has had infinite uses through the ages; however some of our wrought iron’s most beautiful examples are wrought iron gates, doors, staircase and balustrades.

We are executing and creating any special designs for our clients.

Our professional team for installation in cooperation with the production staffs under our supervision is creating unique wrought iron work for customers and hotels Perrier schedule.




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